Hi and a big thank you for taking the time to find out a bit more about myself.

I'm primarily a Performing Arts, Theatre, Dance, Music, Circus & Events photographer, I do however also photograph none traditional Weddings (if I feel we are right for each other)

I've always been fascinated by people; how they look, dress, move, interact, emotional expressions , dance; well you get my drift; I just love photographing people. If I wasn't a photographer I think I probably would have been an actor, a singer (I can't sing!) maybe a teacher?

I have extensive and varied photographic knowledge that I can refer to having been photographing pretty much every type of situation that involves us humans over the past 15 years. I am always looking for new ideas and I love experimenting.

My preferred style of photography is to capture the scene or situation as naturally as possible. Many of my clients have commented that I have a fantastic ability to blend in and limit any disturbance for the subjects or event. This ensure's that the final photographs are as true to the situation and as evoking as possible.
I can provide guidance and provide ideas, set scenes if needed however this guidance is only to start the ball rolling.

I come from a family of varied creative types and as such I have been in and around stages, events, festivals, theatre, musicians all my life. This appears to have gifted me a sixth sense for reading and guessing a photographic moment before it happens.

To see some examples of my unique style please have a look here

If your after a professional but relaxed & fun, creative natural photographer then please contact me for an informal chat.

Thank you

Tangle (Simon)

I hold a current DBS check - Disclosure Number 001623337781 : Date of issue (19/07/18)